What's our message?

RADD: Recording Artists, Actors & Athletes Against Drink Driving - features some of the best-known names on the planet, uniting their voices to deliver one simple message.

We figure that if enough of us say it for long enough, there might come a day when everybody realises that there's nothing good that can come from drink driving. Don't get us wrong: we're not saying don't party - there's nothing wrong with having a good time. But if you're going out, plan ahead.

Anything, but don't get behind the wheel after you've had a few.

Designate a driver who won't drink and will get you home safely

Pool your money to catch a cab

Stay at a friend's house

Catch public transport

Make sure a mate who may have had a few too many doesn't get behind the wheel

Our Team

Each member of the RADD team has a pretty hot media track record. The team's areas of expertise include project management, award-winning radio and television program production, talent acquisition, media planning and buying, community services projects, documentaries, live events, PR campaigns, and the execution of staggered media campaigns. This collective experience, fuelled by the desire to make drink-driving a myth is the driving force behind RADD.

Sir Paul McCartney


Sir Paul McCartney

He really needs no introduction, but...
Sir Paul McCartney, widely recognised as the most successful musician and composer of all time, is RADD's patron. McCartney rose to fame as a member of The Beatles and after leaving the band in 1970 continued with an extremely successful solo career.

Composing songs such as "Yesterday", "Drive My Car" and "Hey Jude" with the late John Lennon, McCartney and The Beatles had 31 number one hits on the US Billboard and sold over 100 million singles in the United Kingdom alone. In 1994, McCartney donated the The Beatles song "Drive My Car" to RADD. The ensuing film clip featured some of the greatest music performers of that time.

McCartney feels there is no place in the world for drink driving today, and that too many lives are lost and ruined because of it. In his own words: 'If you are drinking, you can't drive my car, or anyone else's car. Remember - if you're partying anytime, especially during the holidays, don't drink and drive. Got it? It's just not worth it. It doesn't make sense."

Paul Clitheroe

Chairman of the Board

Paul Clitheroe

Paul's financial expertise, management experience and good humour make him perfectly placed to chair a fantastic team of very committed people.

"My kids are all now young adults, so I am only too aware of the dangers they face simply by being in a car on the road - whether they're driving or not. We can't lock them in their rooms, wrapped up in cotton wool. But we can try to change their attitude. I know it's a big ask. After all, young adults and teens seem genetically conditioned to believe they're bulletproof. That's why even the most horrifying television images of road trauma caused by drink driving have little or no effect on some kids.

When asked to be chairman of RADD, I was delighted to accept. RADD tackles the drink-driving issue in a different way. It uses the carrot rather than the stick to subtly suggest that drink driving is simply not cool. It's no longer socially acceptable. It's out of fashion. No one at RADD is under any illusions about the enormous task ahead. It will take years of constant exposure to get the message across and generate the attitudinal change required.

However, I'm amazed and delighted by the fantastic support RADD has gained since it began in early 2004. My thanks go out to all the 800+ recording artists, actors and athletes who have freely lent their voices to the cause together with the hundreds of radio stations who have supported us over the years. We now also have some great creative TV messages and videos that you can see on our YouTube channel. Take the RADD challenge and support our key messages - it's literally a matter of life and death."

Peter Rubinstein

National Director

Peter Rubinstein

"Drink driving is not like heart disease or cancer. Drink driving is 100% preventable - you can either do it or not do it... it's that simple."

Peter Rubinstein is the National Director of RADD Australia. He has been in the entertainment industry as a musician, television producer and radio program producer and content creator for over 30 years.

Peter has been involved in RADD since before this anti-drink driving initiative 'officially' began pumping its messages out in January of 2004. He's seen RADD grow from a handful of celebrities and a wish list of stations into the success it is today - over 800 celebrities and still growing. Literally hundreds of radio stations have lent their support for RADD over that time.

At age 22, Peter was co-creator (together with Graham Webb) and producer of "Sound Unlimited with Donnie Sutherland" on the Seven Network. He later went on to work on and produce music programs for the ABC and the Ten Network. In 1981, Peter was creating radio program packages for the US movie industry. Over the next few years, he was involved in the production of nearly 100 such packages that promoted new movies to the youth-targeted radio stations.

In 1990, he moved back to Australia and set up Radiowise Media Networks with Peter Saxon. In 2009 the company changed its name to Media Heads.


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